one thriller wouldn't kill you

Publications and Projects

2013 Blood Rain. Volume 2 of the SEETHROUGH Spybook Series. Manuscript complete.

2013 Special Operations, screenplay. In progress.

2013 Special Operations, a psychological thriller and Volume 1 of the SEETHROUGH Spybook Series, published by SPYCAR Books, Seattle.

2010 Measuring Myself, poem published in North American Review.

1998 African-American Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century, a literary archive of sixty texts published by The New York Public Library under a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. I served as editor, designer, and technical advisor.

1996-7 The World of Dante, by Professor Deborah Parker. NEH Award winning literary archive. Published by the University of Virginia. I served as project manager.

The EText Center. The University of Virginia. A first producer of electronic texts and multimedia eBooks.

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