one thriller wouldn't kill you

Special Operations: a thriller that could save a life

By Tom Lukas

Available in Paperback and Kindle at: a.com_logo_th

[Illustrated]  Sutures and snowfall, in a place of secrets. The Illuminator, military nurse gone vigilante  —  descends upon a New England town to avenge a fallen policeman.  Her “patients” end up with a look to die for.

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“Tom Lukas has crafted one helluva thriller, one that stands far and away above the pack: not just intelligent but intellectually challenging yet at the same time consistently entertaining. Imbued with a sophisticated comprehension of the darkest workings of the human psyche reminiscent of Thomas Harris’ “Hannibal Lector” novels, Special Operations seethes with the kind of tension that compels the reader to stay up way past bedtime to find out how it will end.  And what an ending!

This is a novel that will haunt you long after you’ve turned the final page.”
~ Pamela Marcantel, author of An Army of Angels: a novel of Joan of Arc and V-Squad


  Rich bray wrote @

Wedding friends

  Shannon wrote @

Saw you today on Aurora! LOVE your car 🙂 who knew a Volvo had fins?! Great site too! I’m interested enough o go check you out in Amazon. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD TRAVELS TO YOU!

  tplukas wrote @

Hi there!
Thank you so much for writing in.
If you purchase the Paperback shoot me an email at spy@spycarbooks.com and I’ll inscrbie it for you!
Spycar–the world’s fastest indie bookstore!

Tom Lukas

  Shawna Jaquez wrote @

Hi! We saw you around exit 107 on I-5 Southbound! My fiance gave you a thumbs up as we drove by!

  Amari wrote @

saw your car at 295 junction today (California)

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